The name of the company Esoteric Pro Audio describes the ambition of the people working within it: the project to apply the experience of Home Hi-Fi to the design of professional audio systems. We adopt techniques that are not always conventional, such as the use of small components, therefore with very light moving mass, to have a very high damping factor (a lower weight has a lower inertia). Our electronics are Hi-Fi Grade quality, and this is one of the factors that allows our systems to reproduce the harmonics of the instruments as faithfully as possible, keeping their timbre unaltered. The particularity of the constructive characteristics that we adopt, allows to obtain a very fast, dynamic and transparent system.

One of the results is the separation between the timbres, which allows you to have in the live an incredibly balanced and transparent mix, or to focus the attention on a single instrument, even in very complex musical situations. Esoteric Pro Audio, with years of research and experimentation, has created sound systems to satisfy its ambition. Our goal is now to bring and exhibit our products in the professional audio sector, to confront sound engineers from all over the world and let them forget the artificial sounds reproduced by the most common audio systems on the market. Sharing the research of the naturalness of the sounds of the instruments will be a unique experience.




The great passion for music began at the age of 13 when Dad Severino bought him the first hi fi system.
During the early 90s Mirko meets Be Yamamura and he starts building the first home systems using valve amplifiers and loudspeakers with horn loading of considerable size, this has helped Mirko a lot to develop the design of the current live systems.
Mirko got to know in deep materials and focused on the importance of using superconductors, materials with high damping coefficients, woods, metals and graphites necessary to obtain products of the highest quality.
Based in Verona, Italy, Mirko is now the CEO at Esoteric Pro Audio and he takes care of fine-tuning home and live systems of the highest level.


Product Specialist

Roberto Rossini began his career in 1974 as a bass player.
In 1982 he settled in the recording studios Màlleus, where he worked on more than 40 records.
In 1985 started working as a Backline tech for Miguel Bose and Ivano Fossati, then moving on to tours as a sound engineer, with all the greatest Italian and international artists such as Manhattan Transfer, Neil Young, Chick Corea and many moremore.
In 1990 Roberto began working as monitors engineer for Agorà, biggest Italian sound hire company, touring with Laura Pausini, Umberto Tozzi, Syria, Grignani and moving on to international events.
Roberto collaborates since 2015 with Epasound as a product specialist.


Production Manager

Emanuele  Giovagnoli (Manny) started his professional career in Italy, working in theatre and moving on to live music in 2005 working as backline tech.
He has been touring Italy for about 10 years with Dolcenera, Giusy Ferrery, Alex Britti, Malika Ayane, Bastard Sons Of Dioniso and many more artists from Live Nation Italy.
Manny is now based  in London since 2010 and he works as sound engineer and production assistant for the english prog rock band Jethro  Tull, touring the world with them since 2012.
Manny is the supplier of EPA sound systems for  many venues in London, including Two Tribes Brewery at Tileyard Studios, The  Strongroom, The Macbeth of Hoxton, HoxtonLab and Dalston Rooftop Park.
He is also responsible for the EPA online communication and brand developement in the UK and USA