Assembling audio rigs for outdoor performances, or putting together speaker arrays for parties and receptions is never a simple matter. However, at Esoteric Pro Audio, we offer solutions to make creating complete professional sound systems much easier. Based near Verona in northern Italy, our team includes a stellar array of engineering and musical talent. Representing decades of experience in performing and staging live events, our experts have poured their expertise into designing speakers that perform perfectly. Whether they are used at Italian music festivals, or to power rooftop speakers in London, EPA audio devices always deliver exactly what sound engineers need.

complete professional sound systems

Assemble the Perfect Sound System for Any Audio Challenge

Our catalogue has been put together to reflect the needs of professional sound engineers, musicians, and DJs. We offer a variety of sub-woofers, all of them engineered to deliver beautiful hi-fi audio, recreating the sound of instruments as closely as possible, while carefully separating timbres. With clarity like that, engineers can easily calibrate the balance of audio feeds, creating satisfying sonic experiences for audiences. That’s why our speakers have become a staple in UK bars and pubs, pop concerts, and business conferences.

Get in Touch to Create Complete Professional Sound Systems

Every sound system is different. Engineers need to account for the acoustics of different settings, local noise requirements, the material being recorded or performed, and practicalities like logistics and space. But with the help of Esoteric Pro Audio, it won’t be hard to come up with complete professional sound systems for any situation. Our sub-woofers and top speakers can be combined in numerous ways, and we can supply systems in duo, trio, and quad versions. Just drop us a line, and we’ll discuss exactly which setup works for you.