Esoteric Pro Audio focuses on the most faithful sound reproduction: while this ambition might sound common and familiar, the truth is that it’s not. At least, not in this form.

Quite often, people get impressed by audio systems with colored timbre, which produce comfortable listening sensations at the expense of truthfulness to the recording: the phenomena is easily unveiled by the fact that all tracks sound with a similar sound signature. Even if this recipe might be subjectively pleasant, it’s certainly far from what was recorded.

Choosing an unpopular route is always a difficult mission, but our confidence in being right led us to stay focused on our beliefs, which meant looking to reproduce a correct sound, instead of a make-up sound. 

This means that all the tracks we play through our systems will shine in their natural colors, the ones which were intended during the recording, and therefore each one will appear in its own personality, almost as if we had a different playback system each time.

We feel that one of the essential ingredients for such a result is the meticulous respect of acoustic phase during cross-over setup: to do so, we developed both proprietary hardware and software with specific algorithms. It’s surely an unconventional approach, therefore listening to our systems might be flooring at first, due to its stark difference from renown standards.

We feel that this experience shall be lived with the proper consciousness, and after that, once this threshold is passed, it becomes more and more difficult to go back.