Esoteric Pro Audio is truly proud of its growing reputation as one of the top Italian amplifier manufacturers. That’s because we don’t compromise when it comes to sound, as we want all our listeners to experience concert hall sound quality from all our products. Our Pro amps bring the Home Hi-Fi experience into professional designs; and all electronics supplied are Hi-Fi grade. This is the main factor enabling our systems to reproduce stunning instrumentation and harmonics. Our unique amplifiers are designed to meet our exacting specifications; and we utilise a number of smaller components to offer the highest damping factor. Check out our amplifiers online now to find out more.

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More about Esoteric Pro Audio amps

Mirko Marogna is the owner of Esoteric Pro Audio, and works with his committed research and development team to develop amplifiers producing the highest possible sound quality and most natural timbre. High quality Hi-Fi grade components enable users to separate timbres to achieve required sound. This can be the most balanced mixes or even focus listener attention on one instrument alone. Global sound engineers will be amazed by the natural sounds that can be achieved with our amplifiers, and won’t be prepared to work any longer with competitor amplifiers producing artificial, tinny sounds. If you’re seeking high quality, pro amplifiers offering unique, natural instrumentation sound then get in touch with Esoteric Pro Audio today to discuss your requirements.

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We’re the Italian amplifier manufacturers that push the boundaries of sound, and our products will soon be recognised as the gold standard within the pro amplification sector. Browse our website to find out more, or get in touch via our easy online contact form.