Kora speaker system

The Kora audio system was born from the experience that our designers have accumulated in creating professional systems which by their nature need to be able to integrate into any type of environment while maintaining the quality of reproduction as unaltered as possible.

Why audio system and not speakers?

The answer is simple, it is a 3-way system without passive crossover, created to be tri-amplified and managed through a configurable audio manager that allows insertion and positioning in any environment, always achieving maximum performance.

It is advisable to use our Fibonacci audio manager and our Caravaggio hybrid amplifiers to get the maximum result.

The project is a mixture of technologies that goes from the pneumatic suspension of the woofer, to the loaded dipole for the midrange, to the horn for the tweeter. Our horns follow a proprietary design that has as a principle the cancellation of distortion and any type of characterization with the advantage of reproducing a neutral and therefore natural sound. The absence of the passive crossover guarantees a level of detail and transparency that is difficult to obtain with other systems.

A great merit is the extension of the frequency response which drops to 17 Hz and reaches up to 25 Khz, it is useless to declare the deviation as it is possible to linearize in the state of the art environment through the audio manager.

To make you understand the peculiarity of the sound of this system, a professional in the sector told us: “They play with the transparency and image of electrostatic speakers without having their defects”, you just have to try the experience.


  • 3-way audio system that needs to be tri-amplified
  • 1 12-inch woofer with ferrite magnet with 4-inch voice coil in air suspension
  • 1 x 6.5 inch midrange with alnico magnet mixed loading dipole, trumpet
  • 1 horn loaded 1 inch throat tweeter
  • Solid wood and MDF cabinet
  • Frequency response from 17hz to 25 Khz alignable with audio manager up to +/- 0.5 dB
  • Variable efficiency for the 3 ways to be aligned with audio manager
  • Positioning in a very simple environment
  • Internal wiring in high purity monocrystalline copper
  • Customizable solid wood essence (standard cherry)
  • Customizable base color (standard matte black)

Misure L-P-H

500    540   1520 mm

19,6     21,2        59,8    inch


66 Kg

145 lbs