“EPA systems and engineers have taken Tileyard Education showcases and live events to another level”

Harry Leckstein, Director, Tileyard Education

Why us?

For us, gold is a raw material

Our PCBs have gold plated tracks on on each layer

Ultra Hight resolution audio

On our DSPs we put ADC and DAC converters with 32 Bit 768 Khz resolution

Analog sound digital processing

We process the signals with the floating point system to reproduce the audio sine wave as similar as possible to the original analog one

Lots of energy reserves correspond to more realistic transients

We use dual stage power supplies and a micro controlled power boost for greater sound dynamics

Unconventional set-up

For the settings we use proprietary software and algorithms that strictly respect the acoustic phase

We care about the well-being of our customers

Light to carry, easy to install, alignment with no software needed

Stop feedback

No more larsen in front of the speakers


Our amplifiers have the highest signal noise ratio on the market