Esoteric Pro Audio are professional audio equipment manufacturers based in Italy, and also with a London office. We’re upping the game when it comes to professional music reproduction as we’re absolutely 100% committed to offering all listeners the 100% concert hall experience that can be so moving. After years of experimentation and research, we’ve hit on the formula for pro audio equipment that will blow the mind of sound engineers around the world. Take time to browse our website now to discover more about our team and the systems we provide.

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Our pro audio systems

Systems from professional audio equipment manufacturers are often difficult to scale, but that’s not the case when you opt for Esoteric Pro Audio systems. It’s an easy matter to scale our smallest Duo system at times you need to increase power and output. Duo features include:

  • Compact and easy to transport and set up
  • Scales quickly when extra coverage required
  • Powers venues for up to 200 people
  • Superb balance of dynamic range and timbre to provide the best audio content for any kind of live environment

Discover more about Duo on our website, or check out our larger and more powerful Trio and Quartetto systems for larger venues catering to greater numbers of guests. We also supply products separately to enable you to scale your existing Esoteric Pro Audio system and cut out the need to fully upgrade to a larger system. Our experts can answer any technical queries you may have about our professional audio equipment and you’ll also find the full technical specification for all products on our website.

Browse our website now to find out more!

Check out the Esoteric Pro Audio website now to learn more about our top quality professional audio equipment and find out how to achieve Hi-Fi standards in your venue.