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Esoteric Pro Audio moves to the new headquarters in Villafranca di Verona in 2020. 

The project initially had to include the production area, the office and the showroom, but as the works continued and then the structure took shape, a innovative idea that Mirko had hypothesized a few years earlier resurfaced, that of having a space where to propose music of quality with a particular, or even obsessive, attention to the quality of the acoustics.

The showroom space, which obviously had to have an environmental acoustic treatment suitable to best demonstrate the company’s production, turns out to have the potential to make that dream come true and therefore, in addition to the acoustics, it is equipped with lighting systems and furnishings to host the public. Starting from the end of 2021, the theater began to offer the first shows and now has a concert schedule where Mirko was finally able to make his wish come true. Attending a concert at the Esotericproaudio Theater is an experience that remains in the soul, exactly as Mirko had imagined it.


The theater has a capacity of 135 seats, from every seat it is possible to have an excellent view and equally excellent acoustics. The stage is 5.5 meters wide and 4.7 meters deep with an attached accessory compartment. The control room is wired in analog and the console is analog with 40 channels, it is a Midas XL3 with some changes on the power supplies to improve its performance, the outboards include 8 analog compression channels and 2 stereo effects banks. The stage monitoring is equipped with 6 EPA Oboe stage monitors of 1400W rms each. The PA is an EPA Quartet system with the addition of 2 additional Flute tops to improve the coverage in each single seat, amplified with a hi fi grade version of the proprietary electronics of esotericproaudio such as those of the Hi End catalog. The theater is also equipped with an important park of lights and video projector, capable of creating atmospheres that make the shows even more engaging. A small corner bar is available to pamper the public.