FLAUTO is vertical array speaker with 8 full-range 3 ” drivers. The box is made of 18mm high density birch plywood and the internal wiring is exclusively made of high-purity monocrystalline copper to improve the timber. The front shape, made by milling the wood, creates an acoustic load that improves dispersion for the benefit of greater acoustic pressure, greater distance coverage and greater horizontal opening. The top Flauto is a modular speaker, it can be coupled on the vertical creating an even very high array that allows to cover distances over 100 meters with a perfect phase coherence avoiding annoying comb filters.

  • TYPE: Vertical Array Horn Loaded
  • LOUDSPEAKER: 8 x 3″ Full Range Driver
  • POWER: 320 W (Use only with EPA amplifier)
  • FREQUENCY RANGE: 140Hz-20kHz
  • SENSITIVITY: 100 db 1W 1m
  • DISPERSION: Horiz. 95° / Vert. 5°
  • INPUT: 1 Speakon
  • RIGGING: EPA hardware for truss, coupling, wall mount plate and stand
  • BOX: Built in High Density Birch Plywood,  Polyurea scratchproof paint
  • SIZE: 145 x 120 x 675 mm / 5,70 x 4,72 x 26,57 Inch (W, D, H)
  • WEIGHT:  10,4 Kg / 22,92 Lbs


Stand Support

Couple Support

Wall Support

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