subwoofer FAGOTTO


FAGOTTO is a self powered subwoofer with a 15”woofer / 4″ voice coil. The box is made of 18mm high density birch plywood and the loading is tapped horn with controlled pressure. This type of loading allows to have a very low emission from the back, to have a detailed sound and to cover bigger areas compared to traditional  bass reflex subs. 
The on-board electronics, all homemade production, has very high technology design and construction, the PFC power supplie are dual-stage and with the addition of a power boost card improves transient response and dynamics, DSPs mount a high performance processor that works in floating point, and 32bit 768 khz sampling rate converters, the amplifiers are Hi-Fi grade in class D, all the boards are gold plated on all layers.

  • TYPE: Tapped Horn Self Powered
  • LOUDSPEAKER: 1 woofer 15″ voice coil 4″ 8Ω
  • POWER SUPPLY: PFC 110/230V, 50/60HZ , 300W (900W peak) + Power Boost Board
  • PROCESSING: Full Digital Management in floating point
  • ADC: 32Bit, 768Khz, Dynamic Range 123db
  • DAC: 32Bit, 768Khz, Dynamic Range 120db
  • AMPLIFIERS: Class D 2800W (1400W SUB, 2x700W OUT TOP), THD < 0.05%
  • SENSITIVITY: 96 db 1W 1m
  • DISPERSION: Cardioid 180°
  • INPUT: 1 Powercon 110/230 V AC, 1 Digital Audio AES/EBU, 2 XLR Analog L+R, 1 EPA Interface
  • OUTPUT: 1 Powercon Link, 1 Digital Audio AES/EBU Link, 2 Speakon for TOP
  • BOX: Built in High Density Birch Plywood,  Polyurea scratchproof paint
  • SIZE: 485 x 710 x 790 mm / 19,09 x 27,95 x 31,01 Inch (W, D, H)
  • WEIGHT: 48 Kg / 105,82 Lb
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