Esoteric Pro Audio are the Italian specialists when it comes to professional audio systems. We’re truly proud of our great reputation in the trade; and a lot of this is down to the commitment to excellence displayed by all of our team members. Esoteric Pro Audio was the brainchild of owner Mirko Marogna who was absolute passionate about music and audio from the age of 13. Meeting Be Yamamura in the early 90s provided him with the incentive and ambition to start building his own home systems; which provided the learning curve needed for his transition to pro systems. Check out the wide variety of top quality systems and products available on the Esoteric Pro Audio site now to find out more.
pro audio systems made in italy

About Esoteric Pro Audio Systems made in Italy

One reason Esoteric Pro Audio stands head and shoulders above competitor brands is the meticulous attention to detail that goes into all Hi Fi systems. This has led to original design solutions and techniques, using extremely small components. These help to ensure the finest tone and timbre of the instruments, giving every member of an audience a truly memorable experience. Browse our systems to discover more. Our Duo system is the smallest one we manufacture, yet can easily be scaled to meet additional requirements at a later date. The Quartetto system is currently the largest in our range, providing up to 5600 W RMS and featuring four passive Flauto tops and two Tuba, with each Tuba sub woofer fitted with three EPA amplifiers.

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It’s a simple matter to get in touch with Esoteric Pro Audio. Just complete our simple online form, and we’ll get back to you at the very earliest opportunity. Alternatively, give us a call at our Italian HQ or our East London office. We’re really proud of our pro audio systems made in Italy and our experts will be happy to give you more reasons to choose us!

pro audio systems made in italy pro audio systems made in italy